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The Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund exists to provide educational grants and scholarships to women pursuing post secondary educational goals as well as ongoing professional development in order to support their career advancement and to help them become the role models, mentors and leaders of the future.

The Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund (SBMEF) is one of the country's most highly respected grant and scholarship funds for women. SBMEF has been supporting businesswomen for more than 50 years. The fund assists women pursuing advanced educational goals enabling them to achieve business and professional success.

The National Board of Directors of the American Business Women's Association (ABWA) serve as the SBMEF trustee's, overseeing the funds administration. Each year the trustees strive to maximize funding to provide hundreds of American women with financial assistance to attend college, trade school and professional development.

The Key to SBMEF is the energy and commitment of ABWA members who sponsor applicants, make contributions, and raise money to champion the important mission of this fund.

René Street - Overland Park, KS

In Honor of Toby Page, 2012-2013 District IV Vice President - Greensboro, NC

In memory of Barbara Doyle, from Bonnie Henderson - Kirkwood, NY

In Honor of Donna Lee, celebrating her 80th birthday. For her love & dedication to Cass River CC - Frankenmuth, MI

In Honor of Bettie Arcker Johnson, Novi Oaks Charter Chapter - Novi, MI

In Honor of Nutmeg Chapter charter members, Irene Lepi, Maria Ruta & Dolores Yerger - Prospect, CT

In Honor of ViVon Chapter 2015 Woman of the Year & Top Ten nominee, Lisa Montross - Port Huron, MI

Crossroads Connection Chapter - Grand Blanc, MI

2014-2015 National President, Nancy Griffin - Topeka, KS

In Honor of Emerald Coast Chapter - Ft Walton Beach, FL

Sheri Parrack and Lisa Parrack Keith - Houston, TX

In Honor of 2015 NWLC Track B attendees - Albuquerque, NM

Vanessa Willis 2015-2016 National Vice President - Livermore, CA

In Honor of Nancy Griffin, 2014-2015 National President from Ad Astra Chapter - Topeka, KS

Debbie Holladay, 2015-2016 District II Vice President - Bryan, TX

In Memory of Barbara Doyle, From Desoto Charter Chapter - Desoto, TX

Debra Yates, 2015-2016 District IV Vice President - Lemoyne, PA

Gena Glover, 2015-2016 District III Vice President - Deer Creek, IL

Vanessa Willis, 2015-2016 National Vice President, Giving Tuesday - Livermore, CA

Mary Ellerman, 2015-2016 District VI Vice President, Giving Tuesday - Yuma, AZ

Mary Ellerman, 2015-2016 DVI DVP, In Honor of Lisa Montross, 2015-2016 National President - Yuma, AZ

In Honor of Past and President ABWA Ambassadors - Los Angeles, CA

Bill and Nancy Griffin, Giving Tuesday - Topeka, KS

Debbie Holladay, 2015-2016 District II Vice President, Giving Tuesday - Bryan, TX

Gina Berry, 2015-2016 National Secretary-Treasurer, In Memory of Dee Lozano, Giving Tuesday - Mulberry, FL

Gina Berry, 2015-2016 National Secretary-Treasurer, In Memory of Bobby Cunningham, Giving Tuesday - Mulberry, FL

Gina Berry, 2015-2016 National Secretary-Treasurer, In memory of Marie Cunningham, Giving Tuesday - Mulberry, FL

Rene' Street, In Honor of 2015-2016 National President, Lisa Montross, Giving Tuesday - Overland Park, KS

Barbara Jenkins, Giving Tuesday - Fremont, CA

Karen Johnson, In honor of my Inspiring teacher, Karen Rosecrans, Giving Tuesday - Atlanta, GA

Cecile Harris Walters, Giving Tuesday - Long Beach, CA

Rae Lewis, Giving Tuesday - Grandview, MO

Dr. Sonja Ogletree Santani, 2015-2016 District 1 Vice President, Giving Tuesday - North Charleston, SC

Donna Bush, In Honor of Donna Bush, 2015-2016 Pathfinder Chapter President, Giving Tuesday - Fremont, CA

Karen Kleffel - Leesport, PA

Joann Lansbarkis, Giving Tuesday - Bloomington, IL

Becky Smith, Bryan/College Station Charter Chapter - Navasota, TX

Patti Bigger - Rockford, IL

Sharon Godbee - Greensboro , NC

In memory of Odessia Sheley & Yvonne Myrick, from Brenda Smith-Keene - Kansas City, MO

Thank you Stacey Whitmarsh for allowing me to help you purchase your first home. Robin McCoy - Coppell, TX

Thank you Suzette Peoples for referring your daughter, Ashley! Robin McCoy - Coppell, TX

Thank you Vicki Marlett for referring your cousin, Colin Lilly! Robin McCoy - Coppell, TX

In Honor of 2015-2016 DVP Mary Ellerman and Gena Glover December Birthdays, from Vanessa Willis - Livermore, CA

Mary Ferrand - Giving Tuesday - Homestead, FL

Atlanta Area Council - GIving Tuesday - Atlanta, GA

Northern Palm Beach Chapter - Lake Worth, FL

In memory of Theodore Davis, JR, husband of Marjoire Davis, from Myrleen Knott - Alvin, TX

In Memory of Gerrie Neuman, from Myrleen Knott - Alvin, TX

In Memory of Paula Bideler, from Myrleen Knott - Alvin, TX

Lacey Moore, Cass River Charter Chapter - New Lathrop, MI

Punahele Chapter - Honolulu, HI

In Memory of Eleanor Brooks, Graham Charter Chapter - Burlington, NC

Achates Charter Chapter - Howell, MI

Cape Coral Caloosa Chapter - Cape Coral, FL