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Madalyn Liebum
University of Texas - Petroleum Engineering
2014 The Bufton Family Memorial Scholarship ; $10,000

When it comes to offering advice to prospective college students, Madalyn Liebum advices:

"Don't conform. College is a huge learning experience. Follow youre passion and just be yourself."


Arooba Javed
Wayne State University - Computer Science
2014 President's Scholarship, ABWA Women in Technology; $10,000

Arooba Javed's advice to incoming freshmen:

"Attend every after-hour reception that you can to expand your network. Work hard and always stay positive. A positive attitude will get you through the rough periods such as finals. But as long as you work hard, things should fall into place."


Melanie Brawley
Clark College of Nursing
Legacy Scholarship in Honor of Nina Bell Reddit; $5,000

There’s nothing like taking on a challenge as an When it comes to advice for students seeking a college education, Melanie Brawley says:

"It's all about having your eye on the prize and focusing on developing a strong work ethic. I think that the work ethic is getting lost somewhat. Your word is your honor. I'm a big proponent of paying it forward."